This is a Tax Deductible OARF project

Gamon* came to Kingdom Kids at age 2 and weighed 5kgs. With huge unresolved infant feeding problems because of he was born prematurely, he had been fed rice water by his 9 year old brother and kept in a dark, dilapidated bamboo hut, uncared for by his alcoholic mother. Three years later, he is a lovable, active little boy who, God willing, is headed to USA with an adoring Christian family.

In Thai culture, it is rare for an unknown abandoned baby to be adopted because of the associated bad karma attached to the child, particularly a disabled child. Kingdom Kids helps young orphaned and at- risk Thai children, most with developmental problems, to reach their potential by establishing a network of foster homes. They train and mentor Thai carers and foster parents and also provide an educational programme for those children who would not be accepted in the local Thai schools.  This project is based in small rural villages about 32 km north of Chiang Mai and works in close association with the local Government orphanage.

Currently 22 young children have been given a new future through Kingdom Kids.

As the number of children needing care has increased, the project has built an Intake and Accommodation Centre on their Kingdom Kids property, complete with a fish farm and piggery.  They have their own Therapy and Special Needs School, which is also open to children with disability in the local area.  A second accommodation centre is currently under construction.

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