Get Influenced

Hang out with former missionaries, or current missionaries when they’re home. Invite them over or take them out, ask lots of questions and hear their stories.

Get on the mailing list of missionaries from your church, or who are working in places you’re interested in. Receive their newsletters and pray for them.

Go to a missions conference such as:

Consider visiting a missionary overseas and serving them and their ministry for a week or two. Or go on an organised missions trip.

Get Informed

Do the Kairos Course or the Perspectives Course and learn what the bible has to say about missions.

Subscribe to Missions Frontiers online magazine  and keep up with latest in missions strategies and happenings worldwide.

Become a map nerd and get to know all the amazing places in our world. Utilise the Joshua Project to discover where different unreached people groups are located and how to pray for them.

Get Inspired

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date with our latest articles, stories, events, or subscribe to receive our monthly newsletter.

Read Missions Biographies or books that delve into current hot topics in missions. Check out our recommendations here.

Sign up to a mission blog like (follow them on Facebook to receive their articles).

Get Interceding

Pray for countries, pray for people groups, pray for missionaries, pray for those who have no access to the gospel. Get yourself a copy of Operation World or visit to help you pray specifically for different countries.

Pray along with prayer casts which show video footage of different countries while a national believer prays.

When you hear news from overseas, pray for the people affected and what is happening there. The more you pray, the more you will discover God’s love for people, and you might just discover your calling in the process.

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