We are Better Together

Global mission is a partnership. Missionaries, supporters and sending churches each taking hold of Jesus commission –  to proclaim to the whole world the good news of peace with God through Jesus Christ.

Just as God calls the missionary to go, he also calls supporters and churches to remain home and make mission work possible. The calling is equal. Senders and goers, partnering together.

Partnering through Prayer

“The history of missions is the history of answered prayer.” Samuel M. Zwemer

We need people who will stand in the gap, people who long to see the impact of prayer spread throughout the world as God moves in response to the cries of His people.

Want to pray for missions but not sure how? Here’s some tips to get you started …

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Practical Partnership

Supporting missions can be so much more than financial gifts.  Our missionaries need partners at home who help sustain them in practical ways like: sending care packages, staying connected, and generally showing them that their friends and church back home have not forgotten them.   Here’s some tips to get you started …

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