Passion for God

Our passion is to glorify God throughout the nations of the world, through obedience to the Bible and by living and proclaiming the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. It is an act of worship to actively participate in some way in the Great Commission.

Unreached People Groups

Some cultures in the world have no neighbours who can tell them about Jesus Christ. Our hope is to share God’s love with those people in places where the gospel is yet to be effectively proclaimed.

Church Planting Movements

We are committed to helping people know and follow Jesus. And to the process of empowering and equipping those believers to become disciple makers of others – bodies of believers that, by the power of the Holy Spirit, are intentional about planting other churches.


We don’t do lone rangers. We accomplish our mission through God’s people mobilised from around the world. Our entire ethos and structure rests on the strength, growth, creativity, diversity and cohesiveness of our teams.

Ethos of Grace

International teams illustrate to the unreached that what we offer is Christ—not culture. We affirm that God’s grace operates uniquely in the lives of all believers. In all our relationships we endeavour to cultivate an atmosphere of mutual acceptance and respect which encourages each of us to attain our full potential in Christ.

Local Church Partnership

The mandate for mission has everything to do with the church. So our work today has everything to do with the local church, from the beginning of the sending process to church-based movements around the world.

Servant Leadership

We empower our members through a decentralised structure that emphasises team-based servant leadership and an interactive approach to decision-making, based on mutual trust and accountability.

Innovation and Flexibility

The message of God’s love in Jesus Christ is timeless. And there are a thousand ways to make that message known. We encourage men and women to use their gifts, skills and personalities to communicate the gospel for the sake of precious people everywhere.