Join us in praying for THE MIDDLE EAST


Yemen has been greatly impacted by war. Saudi Arabia, (with Western backing) has been dominant on one side and Iran (with Russian Support) on the other. Recently Saudi Arabia sought peace. Pray for real, lasting peace for the country. Ask God to provide the food, clothing, medicine and shelter that the people need. There are a couple of local churches in the country. Pray that many will come to faith through these churches and the Spirit of God moving in people’s hearts in various ways and locations.


Israel is a major factor in the lack of peace. Let us pray for the Lord to intervene and to work out his purposes through the new government in Israel, and in the people themselves. Pray that God will work in the hearts of the people to work out his will, way and plans. Pray for those who seek the peace that comes from faith through Jesus Christ that God will bless their ministry and bring many to himself.