Join us in praying for EUROPE

Greece  Fires – prayer points from Hellenic Ministries with whom PoA has a ministry relationship.

  • Pray against further acts of arson in Greece.
  • Pray for the believers of Pefki on the island of Evia. Following the devastating wildfires, the small church will be a supply depot for aid in the region.
  • Pray for the many people in Greece who have lost their home, livelihood and hope.
  • Pray for Hellenic Ministries, EuroRelief and their partner agencies that are developing plans to be first responders for future fires. Fire-fighting pumps and equipment are especially needed.
  • This is the single largest devastation of land and nature Greece has ever seen. Pray for the consciousness of the nation; that hearts will be moulded and shaped to love God even through this colossal tragedy.