Walking Alongside You

23 Oct 2019

Mission is all about living as an authentic follower of Jesus in a postcode of the world where Jesus is not known. Mobilisation is all about walking alongside the Aussie church as they send men, women, boys and girls to those new and sometimes isolated postcodes. If the Spirit of God is nudging you towards declaring His glory among least reached peoples of the world and you’re willing to serve, our mobilisation team would love to walk the journey, step-by-step alongside you.

It’s not a “one size fits all” journey. God has wired each person in different ways and our team at Pioneers is keen to celebrate and embrace your unique gifts and talents. We want to enable your church as senders and you as sent to arrive at the postcode God has determined for you.

What could I do? Where will I go? Where’s the greatest need? How will I get there? What will I need to do to get there? Who will I go with? How do I know if and where God is calling me?

Men living in a remote village in Nepal

These are just some of the questions people often ask.

Betsy in Queensland, Ollie, Michelle and Renee in NSW, and Russell and Ruth in Victoria make up our team of mission mentors. We want to get to know you, have coffee with you, eat a meal with you, understand you as the person God has created and chosen to serve Him. We’ll answer your questions. Or connect you with people who can. Sometimes, it will be a small step at a time over many years; for others the next steps are much clearer and the time frame shorter. Whatever your journey towards serving cross-Culturally looks like, our team is here to nurture, prepare, connect you, and pray with you, helping and enabling you get to that place God has prepared for you.

Betsy spent 20+ years serving in Asia and has a passion to mentor others and share her experiences. Ollie has a young family, pastoral experience and a deep desire to invest in people as they explore opportunities among unengaged people groups. Michelle, with her young family, served in Asia and she now devotes her time to mentoring those preparing to go. Renee, our newest mission mentor, has served among international university students here in Australia and in Asia. Russell and Ruth bring the wisdom and experience of 25 years of mission work in Papua New Guinea and 25 years serving as mission mentors. 

Mission is also all about stepping out in faith, towards those who haven’t yet heard about Jesus. The joy of mobilisation is all about walking that journey with you.

– Ray Notley, leader of our mission mentors.

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