The Story of Keketso

31 Dec 2020

“It has been a great and wonderful journey. I started in the Jewels of Hope program in April of 2015 and since then it has become my pillar of strength. Truly speaking, I am who I am today because of Jewels of Hope”.

Keketso, who lives in Maseru, the capital city of Lesotho in Southern Africa, is twenty years old and is in her final year at high school. She never knew her father as he died when she was a baby and she was ten years old when she lost her mother. She is currently living with her sister and her sister’s children.

The family was very poor and Keketso remembers vividly when they did not have any food at home but after she joined Jewels of Hope, everything changed. With her monthly income, she has been able to help her sister to meet their basic needs and this ministry has helped with her school fees.

In 2018, Keketso graduated from the Jewels of Hope program and became a trainee trainer. Having been a participant herself in the program, she understands where the children are coming from and is able to relate well to them.

She says, “I have jewellery-making skills but the most important thing that Jewels of Hope has taught me is about God. I can now speak boldly about how good, merciful and gracious God has been in my life. Even through the tough times, I have never stopped praying that God would work in our lives to make things better and He did. Thank you, ‘Mѐ Dawn, and Australian Pioneers. God bless you”.

– Dawn Taylor, a former Pioneers worker serving Jewels of Hope.

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Jewels of Hope is a ministry based in Southern Africa that assists children orphaned by the HIV and AIDS pandemic.  These children face desperate living conditions every day.  Jewels of Hope trains these ‘child heads of households’ to make jewellery to support themselves. As part of the program, the children are taught about what it means to follow Jesus, and many come to faith during their years in the program.  Former Pioneers of Australia missionary Dawn Taylor continues to serve Jewels of Hope in Lesotho by selling the jewellery made by the children here in Australia. Contact us if you are interested to connect with Dawn to have a jewellery table at your next event.

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