The Millenial Investment

4 Aug 2021

In his provocative 2019 book, The Future is Asian, commentator Parag Khanna argues that while the nineteenth century could be characterised as the ‘European century’, and the twentieth century the ‘American century’, the twenty first century will be shown to have been the ‘Asian century.’ If the future is increasingly Asian, then the future of the church lies in the hands of Asian millennials – those currently aged in their 20’s and 30’s [Millennials] – as they are the future leaders, decision-makers and financial supporters of the Asian Church. Let me share some brief thoughts on what they are like and how Pioneers is challenging Gen Y’s from an Australian Asian background to take up the challenge of global mission. 

Australian-Asian Millennials are the first generation that has grown up with technology and the internet. They tend to look for instant gratification and don’t like to wait (so order in food rather than cook; use Spotify rather than wait for a particular song on the radio). They are characterised as having a need for approval from others, a sense of entitlement, easily distracted, self-obsessed (the ‘selfie’ generation). But soon they will be the largest working generation, adult generation, and voting generation. Millennials are not as concerned about financial sustainability and, compared to their parent’s, millennials are more ambitious, experiential, and have a greater risk appetite. They want to be part of an organisation where people care, and where they can share about their lives. And they want to be part of a vision/ a cause and they want ownership in how to achieve that vision.

It is at this point that Pioneers’ flexible mobilisation approach has a real edge. Pioneers approach of starting with the individual, sensing where the Lord might be leading, and what the gifts and passions the person has. Based on that Pioneers is able to challenge the millennial with tremendous opportunities across the globe, as well as work with them to possibly create a new ministry that can be embraced under Pioneers vision. Paul writes to Timothy “Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity” (1 Tim 4:12). Pioneers is working with young people showing both individual care, flexibility, and casting them an exciting challenge to see the world reached for Christ. Which millennials do you know to whom you could present Pioneers challenge of global mission to?

  • Andrew Prince, a Pioneers member.

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