The Father of Fathers

13 Aug 2018

Kian* came to our church more than two years ago, a 33 year old man from Iran with his 7 year old son, Aram*. Aram was very quiet and thin, and looked malnourished. Jesus commanded us to love them, clothe and feed them, and we did that for several months whenever we could.

Every Sunday they would come to our church. After a while they brought another five people with them, and one more child. From then on, a river of immigrants flowed into the church, and they were finding new life in Christ.

Kian was an ardent Muslim Man, one of many children. In Iran he was a photographer by occupation, and he had divorced from his wife. When he decided to leave Iran, since he had been abused as a child, he took his son with him to prevent his son experiencing the same. His wife stayed behind.

While travelling westward through different countries, Kian came across Ali, a man from his home country. Ali knew Jesus and would share his faith with many travelers like Kian and give them New Testaments. Some were baptized and then continued on their way to Western Europe. Kian was also baptized by Ali and travelled until he came to our church in the Balkans.

Looking back to this time, Kian says: “I thought God will help my case. It would look well if I say I am a Christian! I wanted to use God, but God used me”.

Kian was truly transformed right here in the Balkans. He admitted his attempt to deceive both men and God. He asked to be baptized again. Humbly, in tears of repentance, he received God’s grace. Both Kian and his son Aram are followers of Jesus, evangelists, and now full of faith and joy. They are sharing with others from their own country, and well as sharing in the local community, obeying Matthew 28:19 “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”

Aram recently asked his dad: “If you die, who will I be with then?” Kian replied: “I have a heavenly Father. I will be with him. You have a heavenly Father. You will be with him and he will take good care of you”.

Today their faces are shining, their thoughts are directed at Jesus. Recently a local family embraced Kian and Aram and asked: “Where would you go if you leave here?”. Kian said: “Wherever God sends me, and if He says ‘stay’, I will stay!”

As for our church family, we have learned from Kian and his son Aram about total surrender. God knows what’s best, and He has a plan!

*names changed for privacy

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