Seeds Bearing Fruit in Time

16 Dec 2021

Dr P. passed me in the corridor one day. She looked somewhat pre-occupied and concerned where normally, she is quite bright. “Is everything OK?”, I asked. Dr P is the head of Palliative Care in a university hospital and a staunch Buddhist who uses meditation to deal with all difficult issues and does it well.

This day was different. “My brother is very sick, near death in the capital city. He had to wait five days to get a bed, but thankfully he has one now and is in ICU with COVID. I don’t know if he is going to make it.”

After chatting a little, I said that I would pray to the God of heaven and earth for her brother. “Thanks”, she said.

Five days later, I wrote to her to find out if her brother had died or was still alive. He was alive and had been discharged home from hospital! Amazing!

Her reply was telling. “Thank you for this message and I have learnt what is the real humanized being from you. Although I am Buddhism, I have more and more admiration for the Christianity philosophy. This make me think of the Chaplain at UCSF, she is very kind like you.”

When she was in California doing further studies, obviously some seeds were sown. For a staunch Buddhist, like her, this is a big admission. 

Pray that God may continue to work in Dr P’s heart.

  • Elspeth, a Pioneers worker serving in SE Asia

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