Risk & Reward

9 Aug 2022

We can take risks for Jesus in every aspect of our lives because they belong to him in the first place. This truth doesn’t always make it easy! As we prepare to go we keep being struck by the risks involved. We try to carefully consider living where resources are less available and everything familiar is gone, and our appreciation for and grief over the loss of Australian healthcare, education, public services and utilities increases.

These blessings that give us a great sense of security will not be the same. We know we will face more risks raising a family overseas and a lifestyle that will be costly physically, emotionally and spiritually.

But we are also not discouraged from going and thankfully God is growing our conviction and joy that He is and will be with us through all things.

Firstly, we rejoice that God can be trusted because it is ultimately His unfathomable and eternal worth that makes our earthly and temporary risks worth taking. We look to heaven not to the earth.

Secondly, the way God has designed the church as a body reminds us that this isn’t us taking a risk alone but alongside many others. Friends, family, and local churches are involved also as wonderful partners and they too trust God that he would be glorified as we take risks in going.

And lastly, we look to Jesus, born into a risky family, in a risky town, under a risky empire and lived a risky life of ministry with risky people and in the end, he died, horrifically. Yet he rose with salvation and eternal life for us to know and share. It is in Jesus’ resurrection and reward of eternal life that our risk-taking finds its peace.


Soli Deo Gloria,

Tom, preparing to serve with Pioneers Australia

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