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Across Radio serves the people of South Sudan, who in recent years have been suffering from the impact of civil war. The project includes work amongst South Sudanese displaced within their country, as well as those living as refugees in Uganda. Across uses different forms of media to catalyse positive changes in society by providing information that influences attitudes.  

Two of the main activities that Across are currently engaged in are: – 

  1. DAP Distribution– peace building and social development using audio teaching on solar-powered Digital Audio Players.  These simple devices hold up to 100 hours of teaching, and are gratefully received by the isolated communities where they are  Topics include hygiene, family relationships, care of children and the elderly, and other social issues.  As well as spoken messages, the DAPs contain songs that promote peace that have been recorded by local Dinka youth. 
  2. Youth Sports– facilitating organised sports for South Sudanese youth living in refugee camps in Uganda.  These refugee camps are some of the largest in the world, and there is little for youth to do other than get into trouble! The sports program provides a positive environment for youth to have structure and purpose, and even fun! The team context has brought reconciliation between opposing tribes, and has assisted with healing from trauma experienced in the war.    

One group that has been remarkably impacted by the DAP program is the nomadic cattle keepers in South Sudan.  After major tribal clashes related to cattle rustling, child abduction, and associated killings of more than a thousand people, including innocent women and children, the teachings on peace building have led to forgiveness between various tribes and even within families, and has resulted in some cattle keepers making the decision to end the cycle of retribution.  

To read more about the impact of the DAP work, read our story Words of Life 

For more information about this project see the ACROSS website.