Preparing Well: The Heartbeat Behind Training

27 Jul 2023

My husband is a pilot and often we talk about the difference in perspective he has as a driver of a car, versus a pilot of a plane. So I’m going to borrow a few metaphors from his experience as we take a look at the training aspect of the missionary journey.

First, let’s zoom out and talk about it from a 30,000-foot view. Our joy at Pioneers of Australia is to facilitate relevant training and discipling for all our workers in order for the gospel to be known among the nations. We offer a training program that is specifically designed to an individual’s needs, recognising that each person will have different training goals dependent on what life and mission engagement will look like in their cross-cultural context. When you are accepted as a new Pioneers worker our high value on team, alongside innovation and flexibility, express themselves well as we collaborate with you, your churches, leaders of our global teams and our Australian mobilisers to tailor your training plan.

If you peer out the window at 10,000 feet, there are 3 categories of ‘training events’ that make up a training plan. Those we require, some that are highly recommended and others that are decided in consultation with your field team. Each of these training events will serve as sign posts along your journey toward the field. There is a loose linear progression between them. For example, we recommend doing our Mission Formation Weekend early in your journey to set you up for the road ahead. Whereas Team Formation Weekend is recommended closer to the end of your journey as we encourage you to look forward and consider how to do team well on the field.

It’s good to note that while these training events act as signposts on your journey, they are complemented by another component of our training program: the Mission Formation Journey. This mentoring program, which comes under the banner of training, works alongside the signpost events to help address issues of the heart through spiritual and missional formation. In the same way that a traveller might have a companion come alongside them for a portion of their journey, a mission mentor will serve you as you prepare for the cross-cultural service.

Our passion is to send teachable, self-aware, self-directed learners whose hearts have been steeped in the abounding love of Christ. People who have grids to frame their experiences with the ability to know where and how to access resources when they need it. Ultimately, we hope to send ambassadors of Christ who reflect well the gospel in every aspect of their lives as they serve the least reached.

So, let’s land the plane by considering,

What a grace to be able to learn from missionaries before us, what a grace that research has been done ahead of us, what a grace that training can give us more tools to steward our lives well for the gospel to be known among the nations to the glory of God

As I think about our families’ time on the field in retrospect, I write this with much gusto! Your future self, your future team, your future family members, and those precious peoples you are going to share the light of Christ with will only benefit from all the good, heart, mind and soul work you’ve done in your missional and spiritual preparation prior to getting to the field.

Kim Chan-Forney | Training Coordinator

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