Join us in praying for the AMERICAS

Oscar & Elizabeth in Bolivia

As churches being to reopen, our church finds itself in a difficult situation with no church building to meet in. As we could not afford the rent of our unoccupied apartment during the last 6 months, we needed to move out. Please join us in our prayer for a new venue

and for the church members to be willing to commit to monthly rent pledges. Pray for our weekly preparation for preaching & Bible studies. For daily concentration for Tabitha & Isabella with online lessons. Please also ask the Lord to provide more finances for us and for our ministry we don’t have enough pledged.

Spiritual needs of Peru

Peru has a strong history of Catholicism, but many Catholics, as well as mountain Quechua and Aymara people, are bound by a syncretistic combination of Christianity and Andean paganism. Peru needs pastors and teachers rich in solid biblical theology to mentor the next generation of leaders and to help dissipate the superstitions of the tribal people.

  • Pray for a return to peace and stability after decades of corruption, dictatorships, and terror.
  • Pray for humble pastors trained in biblical theology who reflect Jesus to a watching culture.
  • Pray for Christians to boldly oppose sin and injustice while also ministering to the poor and oppressed.