Join us in praying for EAST AFRICA


Continue to pray for the exciting work our people are doing in Uganda.

Please pray for our members, Bree, Luke and Beverly and kids.

  • Ask that God will bless their relationships with colleagues, neighbours, friends and teammates.
  • Ask that God will give them wisdom and creativity to know how to love and support their neighbours, the needy and the vulnerable, pointing them to Jesus. Ask God to give them comfort and wisdom to live with the overwhelming needs around them and know how and when to help.
  • Ask for wisdom and perseverance from the Lord for them to continue their ministries including relationships in the community, health care, disability support and rehabilitation, radio, sport and literature ministries and vocational training.
  • Rhys and Rhondda are currently involved in ministry in Uganda from Australia.  Ask the Lord to bless their reconnections with family and friends and for wisdom as they plan their next steps.
  • Sharon has just arrived in Australia on Home Assignment.  Pray for good refreshment and rest and for the Lord to bless her connections and re-connections.