Join us in praying for the Americas

Pray for the spiritual needs of Bolivia, Columbia and Paraguay

In Bolivia, Evangelical Christians are growing in number and in influence, but face many challenges. Low literacy levels, lack of biblical knowledge and limited discipleship opportunities give rise to theological error and moral failure. There is a great need to raise the standard of discipleship.

The Colombian missionary vision is growing. Several Amerindian peoples are closed to foreigners, but Colombians are increasingly reaching them. The large majority of Colombian missionaries serve short term within their own country. A small but growing number of Colombians have gone to other lands, but church support is limited. Pray for the ongoing ministries of COMIBAM as well as Centro Cristiano de Misiones Mundiales in inspiring Christians to be involved in mission.

In Paraguay the Roman Catholic Church has long dominated spiritual and political life. Although it admirably opposes corruption and immorality, there is also much superstitious traditionalism, strong devotion to Mary and occult-related bondage to many pre-Christian deities and customs. These practices keep millions from liberty in the Lord Jesus and must be broken by prayer. The Church often actively opposes the work of evangelicals. Paraguay has never had a true spiritual awakening, and few of the Catholic Spanish-Guaraní majority have a living relationship with Christ.