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Spiritual needs of Mexico

Ninety-five percent of Mexicans identify as Christian. Many are cultural Catholics and blend Christianity with traditional pagan beliefs. There remains a great need for this Christian majority to replace cultural faith with a vibrant and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Although Protestantism is increasingly accepted – about 8% are evangelical – they have faced widespread persecution and violence from organized crime, corrupt officials, and even their own families. This is particularly prevalent in southern states such as Chiapas, Oaxaca, and Guerrero when individuals refuse to participate in pagan rituals. Even so, the Evangelical Church is growing and stands in great need of discipleship, sound Biblical doctrine, and strong Christian leadership.

  • Pray for the love and forgiveness of Jesus to overpower the strongholds of crime, violence, and corruption.
  • Pray for government leaders to repent of corruption and seek God’s righteousness.
  • Pray for empty religious traditions to be replaced by radical discipleship.