Join us in praying for the AMERICAS

Emily & Rodrigo in Bolivia

Coronavirus situation:

– Praise God case numbers are slowly going down and restrictions are lifting. We are now allowed out all day, businesses are open again, and life feels almost back to normal. Groups are still not allowed to meet, but possibly in October that will become possible again.

– Praise God for protecting us during this time with our health.

– Pray for us as we think about how to lead the young adults once churches open again – for the adjustment, for being wise in which biosecurity measures to put in place, and for protection for everyone.


– Praise God for what we’ve been able to accomplish online during this time, particularly for one young lady who contacted me a few months ago (Claudia). She wanted to reignite her relationship with God and has a real desire to learn and grow. I’ve been discipling her and have seen a lot of growth and a passion for evangelism develop in her that excites me a lot!

– Pray for the upcoming changes, we have a few new ideas for the young adults in the new year, pray for wisdom and for the leaders to be on board with the vision we have.


– Pray for the outcome, that God would put in place leaders who honour Him and are fair and compassionate.

– Pray for safety during the elections, and for the general population to accept whatever the result is. Last elections were violent following the outcome.