Join us in praying for THE AMERICAS

The Western Apache and our team in Globe

Western Apache people have a distinct culture, language and history. These are a forgotten, hidden and oppressed people. Over 30,000 Western Apache live under the shadow of spiritual darkness.  They are often stereotyped, misunderstood, marginalized and still discriminated against.  The options and opportunities enjoyed by Anglo communities 30 miles away are out of reach for many Apache. Though there are so few believing Christians in adequate numbers and resources capable or willing to evangelize the rest of this people group without outside assistance. Many Apache still worship elements of creation, rather than The Creator. The important celebrations of the Western Apache are deeply rooted in traditional animistic religious beliefs and customs.

They have suffered a history of ethnic and cultural genocide.  The by-products of historical trauma coupled with the lack of work and meaningful activity is disengagement which leads to hopelessness, addiction, poor health and poverty.  Today these issues continue to ravage Apache communities.  Many Apache people are disempowered; they feel deprived of influence, diminished and considered less important than the majority culture.


  • That God will raise up communities of believers among the Western Apache, who will worship Christ and be a refuge for the oppressed bringing new life in Christ to “the people” (Ndee).
  • For teammates. Pat and Susan, a retired couple, are praying for people to join them.
  • That the team that develops will reflect Christ’s love among the Western Apache and to see God worshipped by building strong relationships, consistent discipleship, developing indigenous leaders and being a catalyst for church planting movements.