Join us in praying for EUROPE

East Germany

Pray for Germany, that as we celebrate the 500th Anniversary of Luther translating the Bible into German. Pray that God’s Word would bring a fresh reformation and renewal of faith. Specifically, the church-plant in Eisenach is running a project, where 50 people are given a section of Mark’s Gospel, and they are to write their responses to it. These will be published in a book alongside the Bible text. Pray that the Spirit would move people’s hearts as they engage with God’s Word and the life of Jesus.

Pray for the political situation in Germany. With the challenges of the refugee crisis and now also the pandemic, there has been a rise in popularity of far-right political parties. In September there will be new federal elections, where the president will retire after serving for 16 years as a steady and stable influence.

Pray for wisdom for the political leaders as they navigate through these times of global pandemic, that they would make wise decisions that take into account both the benefits but also societal costs of restrictions.


Pray that a spiritual revival would break out in Poland. Ask that God would send more workers into this needy harvest field. And pray for wisdom and comfort in the Polish churches as they struggle through COVID.