Join us in praying for the AMERICAS

Aaron and Angela and their three children learning language in Mexico (to return to Columbia)

Language classes begin at 8am with hymn singing in Spanish then one of the students leads a devotion, also in Spanish. The rest of the day is spent according to your level (Angela is in Level 1 and Aaron in Level 2). Classes finish at 1pm. The kids also start school at 8am, have breakfast provided, then finish at 1pm. Aaron has made a lot of local friends in the surf and will start a surf ministry with Isel (local Christian surfer). There is such a need since there is nothing for young people to do in town, so they get drunk or do drugs. Aaron plans to mentor Isel to build his confidence so he can continue this ministry after they leave. They are also still staying connected with the youth in Colombia. Angela is doing the Alpha course with her friend back home in Australia and will be starting it with our old roommate Rathshel in Chile (thank goodness for internet).

Praise and Prayer:

  • Aaron has shared his testimony about 15 times with locals since they arrived.
  • Angela is enjoying the language school and it is perfect for her. Praise God that COVID has not affected the community and things are pretty relaxed (no masks required).
  • Pray that the surf ministry will get underway and that Isel will grow and be able to lead the ministry when they leave.