Join us in praying for THE AMERICAS

The Peru Asheninka people and the Pajonal team

The Asheninka people are one of the largest and most unreached tribes of the Amazon region of Peru with over 50,000 speakers, spread across a vast jungle area.  Among the 12,000 Asheninka living in the Gran Pajonal, there are only 50 believers, who have never matured in their faith beyond a simple faith in the gospel.

The team have passion to make disciples among an oral, functionally illiterate people, who are dedicated to farming coffee and are passionate about soccer and their unique cultural identity.  They seek to live in community with the people and dedicate themselves to community/family-oriented outreach, involving chronological Bible storying, life-on-life discipleship, sports ministry, education, health and agriculture.

Pray for:

  • The development of biblical worldview. Animism presents a strong challenge to church planting, as new believers often mix their previous worldview with Christianity and attempt to live out both realities. The Ashéninka Pajonal need continued teaching and discipleship to develop a biblical worldview and to avoid division and broken relationships among believers.
  • A significant improvement in medical facilities, an improved educational system, and ethical teachers with a commitment to students’ success.
  • Please pray that God will raise up faithful church leaders and examples who will lead their people to Christ.
    Pray for restoration and reconciliation between believers.