Join us in praying for EUROPE

The Balkans

Thank you for praying for some teams in different areas.


-For awakening and full-on Church Planting Ministry, mission and ministries.

-For the little flame that started among traditional churches in 2020 to be fanned into fire.

-That the Evangelical fellowships will not be fearful but willing conduits of the Good News.

-For direction for the Nest, church at Nest and unity with fellowship. Pray for unity of the three fellowships in Prizren; pray for the local believers to actively share their faith and pray for unity of new team.

-For spiritual protection over the team, pastors and their families, believers and other kingdom workers in Prizren.

-For wisdom to know whether more workers are needed, discernment as people seek ministry here.

-For protection from COVID-19. Some areas have 1000’s of cases a day with many of deaths and overwhelmed hospitals while other areas have much less with hospitals coping. Please pray for COVID cases to diminish, for health facilities to cope and for the vaccine to take effect.



COVID is still working its way across Hungary. Figures are improving slowly but we still have some 1000-1500 new cases and 50-100 dying daily.

We are grateful that the Lord has kept the members of the Hungarian Presbyterian Church safe during the last few months. We continue meeting for Sunday worship services and weekly Bible studies since early last year, in spite of most churches closing their doors. There is great need for another pastor, as the congregation is growing. May the Lord provide the right person for this important ministry.

Please pray that the Lord would call a new, young generation of committed men to be pastors in the Hungarian Presbyterian Church both in Hungary, Transylvania and the Ukraine.

Please pray especially for ‘I’. She continues to attend church regularly. Please pray for her conversion.