Join us in praying the AMERICAS


Colombia is going through a very critical situation because of escalating conflict between the armed forces and protesters.

It all began as a reaction from the working sector objecting to a new tax-reform being proposed by the government. It is said that such reform would severely affect the working class. Alongside some peaceful protests, some cases of vandalism and violence occurred in various cities. The army and the police have allegedly used excessive force against the people. At the same time the incidence of vandalism and riots is also growing.

Praise and Prayer:

  • Peace for Colombia. May hostilities cease.
  • For dialogue to happen quickly and hatred to dissipate.
  • That the situation with COVID will not bring more tragedy.
  • That God will heal this land from violence, riots and corruption and may the truth come to the light.
  • That the mercy of the Lord preserves life in this country and strengthen Christians to stay faithful to him and to hope in his salvation.