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Our mission to the deaf of Mexico

Why are the deaf considered a significant unreached people group, rather than a special interest group like orphans, at-risk teens, un-wed mothers, handicapped, etc.?

Language. Orphans in Bangladesh can access Bangla and at-risk teens in Cameroon use French. Even though the gospel may be widely proclaimed within the spoken language of a country, it often does not cross over into the language and culture of the deaf.  Millions of deaf people around the world have no way of seeing the gospel in a language they can comprehend unless we offer it in a visual language. Most third world countries do not educate the deaf, therefore they are illiterate.  This shuts them off from the printed word, as well as closed captioning.

Pray for the new team developing in Chihuahua, Mexico. They want every deaf person in this city to have an opportunity to choose Jesus.

Pray for teammates. The most effective communication with the deaf is visual, so they have a need for someone who would like to use their creative talents to (1) make a video library of DBS stories, core biblical truths, Christian life topics, and leadership training.  (2) This role can be tailored to include other visual arts skills, depending on personal desires and can include graphic designs for social media, publicity, etc.