Join us in praying for EUROPE

North Central Europe

Kim (language coach for North Central European Region) brings these points to us for prayer:

  • There are many first term workers who have only known life on the field during COVID and it is a weary walk. Their eagerness to dive deep and engage the life they thought they would lead is very disparate from the life they are constrained to lead now. This especially has a great effect in language learning with much fewer opportunities for meaningful exchanges and engaging culture. Making the most of opportunities is down to a trickle and there is a general disheartening for some first-termers.

Please ask the Lord for a shift in their hearts toward God’s goodness and grace in their situations, grace for themselves amid high expectations and for the revealing of God’s gifts of grace in this season.

To that end, please pray for greater creativity and experimentation, perhaps also an openness toward alternative ways and opportunities to learn the languages not previously seen or tried.

  • There are fewer relationships being made, formed and forged with local nationals when language is at a low level and the insular nature of lockdowns driving people to take solace in a lot of English-related content.

Please pray for perseverance and long-view in unplugging from their home culture to plug into their new, God-given cultures.

  • It seems like the unknowing of when lockdowns will end in Europe is accelerating feelings of burnout but coupled with few outlets because of the lockdowns means that some members are feeling very claustrophobic.

Pray that they will suffer well.

  • Lastly, please pray for greater vision and clarity of purpose in order for many of these first-termers to cling to as they make goals and go about accomplishing them.

Pray that they will hear from the Lord with distinction about their current and future situations.