Join us in praying for the PACIFIC

South Seas Evangelical Church of Solomon Islands (SSEC SOLOMON ISLANDS)

Praise God for the newly elected Bishop Eric Maefonea and Vice President Cephas Kupa, and praise him for good health, protection and provision in almost all their regions and associations across the country.

Pray for Bishop Eric’s visitations plan for the two last regions, including the Southern Region in October. One final region is deferred until early 2022.

Praise God for a successful summit in August to bring all SSEC Professionals, Businessmen and women. Over 100 came to hear the South Sea Evangelical Church Strategic Plan 2021-2065, and the current struggles the national office is facing. The response on the day was very encouraging.

Praise God for a very successful week of National Board Meetings in Honiara in September with all the national leaders attending.

Praise God for the 50th Revival Anniversary celebration at Sifilo Village, East Kwaio in August. Around three thousand people came.

Pray for our superintendents, chief elders, pastors and congregations as they continue to serve God in their respective regions and associations.

Pray for the different level of leaderships with in SSEC for God’s wisdom and guidance as they lead the church at this challenging times.

Pray for Jemima, Bishop Eric’s wife, and the ministry of Know Your Bible (KYB). The ministry is spreading and growing.

Pray for SSEC national leadership for good health and focus on God’s work instead of other interest.