Join us in praying for UNREACHED PEOPLES

Unreached peoples do not know the name of Jesus or truth about who he is and what he has done.

Many people have never even heard of Jesus. Others may have heard his name, but they don’t know who Jesus is or what he did. They are like many Aussies when it comes to historical figures like Plato or Pythagoras or Confucius. They may be able to tell you, for example, that Confucius taught on philosophy or the meaning of life, but that’s the extent of it – they don’t KNOW him. Similarly, they may be able to tell you Jesus was a good person, but they are IN THE DARK about his divinity, his claims, his life, his death and resurrection, his power and promises.

Pray for unreached peoples today. That God will stir more of his people to go to where they are to explain who Jesus is and that they can come into the light and KNOW him.