Join us in praying for EUROPE

From L & E, our partners in Hungary:

  • Thank you for the opportunity to be prayed for at this time when Hungary, and in fact all of Europe, has been hit hard by COVID. Lots of people are being hospitalised and many do not make it out. As of late April, 200 people were dying each day. The virus is now hitting home too, as we pray for those in hospital in a life and death situation. Already we are grieving for good friends we lost: a colleague of E’s at the Elementary School sadly died in late March. The beautiful wife of a pastor we used to work with, also lost her battle with the virus.
  • We are grateful that the Lord has kept many members of the Hungarian Presbyterian Church safe during the last few months. Those who got sick recovered well and we had no casualties.
  • While this is happening, we pray that we can continue meeting in person for Sunday worship services and weekly Bible studies and encourage and be encouraged by fellow believers.
  • Please pray for those leading Hungary who are currently under immense pressure. May they look at Jesus for counsel and wisdom and have the energy to battle the daily challenges the country is facing under this pandemic.
  • May the Lord protect and give strength to doctors and nurses and all those working in the health system of Hungary. Since last March they have been working under immense pressure and long shifts trying to fight the ever-increasing need. More and more hospitals are being converted for COVID patients and the army and medical schools are on call as well. May God have mercy on Hungary and all of Europe and may people turn to Jesus in their needs and sufferings.
  • We need prayer and encouragement and this time. May God protect his church, family and friends during this time. May we all be ready and have the opportunity to share the good news of Jesus Christ to those who are perishing.