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13 Sep 2022

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” African Proverb

One of the defining characteristics of Crossway Baptist Church is its engagement in making disciples, whether locally or abroad. Making disciples drives to the very core of who we are as a church. We want to see people become followers of Jesus in their local contexts. When it comes to ‘making disciples of all nations’ we want to do this in partnership with others. We see the Church as having the mandate and the mission agency having the expertise. So, what does this partnership look like?

The writer of Romans in chapter 10 tells us that for a person somewhere in the world to believe in Jesus, is directly linked to ordinary people being sent by churches to tell them about Jesus. So, as a church we do just that. We mobilise those who respond to God, perhaps, to head to where Jesus is not known. That response may come from our annual dedicated time of focusing on the work of God overseas. It may be the result of exposure to missions through a short-term trip. Some respond through a mission’s course, a conference, a video, or a relationship/interaction with a cross-cultural worker. In each case, we try to have numerous simple touch points that allows God to draw folk to Him.

Anyone who responds is directed towards our church’s International Ministries Department so that experienced practitioners can walk the journey with them. Some come knowing which agency due to a previous interaction. Others need to be guided based on desired ministry or country or people God has placed on their heart. As a sending church, we want to train these wonderful people, so they are well prepared for the task ahead.

Whether a big, medium size, or house church, our desire should be to see those responding develop in their walk with God, their investment in others in the church, and their competency in sharing their faith with their ‘neighbours’. If those three ingredients are the focus of our continued development within our congregations, we know our sent workers will be doing missions well.

Daron Himstedt, International Ministries Pastor at Crossway Baptist Church

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