How can you fit praying for missionaries into your busy life? Here are a few tips:

1 Create a prayer diary with specific people/things to pray for on each day of the week. Add current prayer requests as they come up (either on a sticky note or with a printed version of a newsletter). Keep it close to your dining table and pull it out after dinner each night.

2 Make a list and pop it with your Bible/devotional book etc so that you are praying each time you spend time in God’s Word.

3 Be an advocate for your church’s missionaries in your small group—read their emails to know what’s going on, and then use that information to make sure they are being prayed for each week during prayer time.

4 Same as above but for church—if your missionaries aren’t being prayed for from the front, find out who you can talk to about making that happen (and don’t be afraid to volunteer to be that person who makes it happen!).

5 Set an alarm in your phone to remind you to pray, whether it’s daily, every other day or weekly, etc.