OARF COVID-19 Relief Programs

27 Aug 2020


Many of our members are seeking to support people around them affected by COVID-19 in some way or another. The following two OARF projects are addressing urgent needs related to the pandemic and can receive tax-deductable donations. 


We have been looking for ways to serve the Balinese during the quarantine period.  The greatest need on the island right now is food supply. Many people have lost their jobs and are having a hard time making ends meet. Most are small business owners, farmers, and day laborers who ordinarily live on income earned day-to-day.

Our local partners have identified families needing assistance now. We are seeking to supply food packets that include staple foods, a COVID-19 awareness booklet, and messages of encouragement. Our goal is to reach 400 families a month for the next 4 months, which requires raising a total of $16,000.

Thank you for partnering with us in this work.


The sudden lockdown has left thousands of poor people stranded, away from their villages and without basic necessities for survival. For daily labourers who live from hand to mouth, the fear of sickness was far surpassed by the fear of not having food for their daily needs.

The Lord has opened a door for us to minister into this situation. We gained permission from local authorities to start relief efforts and many families have been given food packs to keep them going. In other communities, hundreds of people are fed each day. People are not just suffering from the actual disease of COVID-19, but from starvation due to lack of resources during lockdown.

Words of gratitude from recipients of food parcels in India…

“We are daily wages labourers, but at present we cannot find any jobs. What shall we eat? Where shall we go? It is difficult to survive without food. When everything is closed, how do we go to work?”

“We are all starving because of no income at all. We have nothing to eat
and it is so difficult to survive. We are completely jobless right now.”

“We completely ran out of food. We are happy now to receive this help from donors.
We thank you so much for helping us at this time of crisis.”

Thank you for partnering with us in this work.

Would you like to support these or other programs providing relief during this pandemic? Click here.

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