Never doubt how much you’re needed

16 Jun 2014

Have you ever read missions-related articles urging you to give up your ‘comfortable’ life in Australia? You know the ones – as soon as you finish reading them you become vaguely aware of the rumblings of discontent in your heart. Subconsciously you start questioning why God has you here and how He could possibly be using you for His glory.

When these seeds are planted in our mind, we are dismissing the fact that those who stay home to support missionaries are sent by God to their role just as much as the missionaries themselves. And more than that – we are oversimplifying the Christian life as lived out here in Australia.

I’m not claiming that there aren’t ample opportunities for distraction from our God-given role. I’m not immune to the effects of simply inhabiting this opulent country. I’ve experienced firsthand the ways in which the devil can blur our focus of what’s most important – it’s incredibly easy to become increasingly apathetic, failing to play our part in God’s great plan for this world.

But to conclude that the only option is packing up and heading overseas is ludicrous. On one level, do you truly presume that eliminating materialistic comfort from your life will ensure an ongoing, genuine lifelong devotion to make Christ known? The obstacles faced on the mission field won’t look the same as they do in Australia, but they will no doubt be varied and numerous.

On another, deeper level, what’s stopping you from taking your God-given role here seriously? There are some of us who are sent by God to leave Australia to share Christ’s love among those who don’t yet know Him, and that is a beautiful gift. Those of us who stay here and pray for those efforts and write cheques to support their work, however, are equally sent by God to play our role. Those of us who are supporters are responsible to lift up our brothers and sisters as they seek to glorify our Father (Deut 22:4, Prov 27:17, Gal 6:1-5).

Supporters are just as much a part of mission as the missionary on the field. Get passionate about your role in the Great Commission! Email or Skype your missionaries. Pray for them at church or in Bible study. Prove to them you’ve been reading their updates. Let them know their work is not in vain.

Mission work is a partnership. Missionaries and those who support them have all been called by God to join together in the expansion of his glory. Whatever or wherever it may be, let’s take our God-given roles seriously.

– RK

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