Mission Mobilisation

19 Jul 2023

Why Speak to a Mobiliser?

Do you ever imagine what it would be like to live in a place with no way of knowing about Jesus? That’s the reality for more than three billion people on our planet today.

That’s a staggering number of people without the ready access to the gospel most of us take for granted! A reality that can be overwhelming as you think about where you might serve God in the world to bring the life-saving message to those who are perishing.

Naturally, our minds fill with questions when we think about how big the need is and how small we are. Is God really calling me? Where can I go? What do I need to do? How do I get there? What will I do when I get there? Is it dangerous? Who will help me? Should I commit for the short term or long term?

Mobilisation is about your part in God’s purposes. It’s not only about answering practical questions such as these, but an invitation for you to participate in His redemptive plan. We come along side you and your church, to empower, partner and support as together we seek to proclaim God’s glory among the nations. Yes, it does involve answering questions and providing advice on preparation, training, vision trips and pointing you to the best information and advice about security, visas, and questions of personal health. But, above all, mobilisation with Pioneers is about walking a relational path to discover and respond to God’s leading for your life for the sake of people in places with no access to the gospel. The path provides an opportunity for transformation as we meet with your local church leaders, encouraging your them as they send you. The journey involves listening to your challenges, sharing life stories, praying for one another, and mutual learning as we reflect on how we’re seeing God at work in and through the steps you’re taking toward mission engagement.

So, why would you search out and speak to a mobiliser? Mobilisers are equipped to identify where you are along the journey – they know what initial questions to ask you and they can share details about team locations and shape and dynamics and focus and more. They can help you learn about the people groups various teams are serving and what opportunities there are for new people to join those teams. Mobilisers have a wealth of knowledge to share about Pioneers, its history, how pastoral care works, what to consider when thinking about finances and, when you’re ready, they will introduce you to experienced cross-cultural workers.

There is never the wrong time to talk to a mobiliser! Our goal is to walk a few steps alongside those willing to count the cost; to send, to go and maybe even to stay, so that people from every place and every language might know and worship God.

Ray, Pioneers Mobiliser

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