He Answers (Part One)

16 Jan 2017

A missionary’s life is saturated in prayer.  Their own prayers, their team’s prayers, the prayers of their home churches, supporters and family.  For the next few weeks we are going to hear how many of those prayers were answered.  Be prepared to be impressed by how good God is, our loving father who hears our prayers and acts upon them.

United Kingdom

In December I was very excited to receive a 3-year extension of my UK work visa (the only way I can serve here with Arab World Media, being Australian) I was actually hoping for just two more years since there has been talk by the UK government about limiting work visas for Aussies. So, I was blessed with more than I expected! He is faithful, praise the LORD!

South East Asia

We are very soon heading overseas in ministry for the first time. When asking God to provide a house and money for furniture, we had contact from a family over there who offered their whole house contents to us for the EXACT amount we had sold our furniture for in Australia. The blessing extended to even getting things like surf boards, toys, kitchen appliances and other things we didn’t expect to have straight away.  It was so amazing to see how God used that small amount of money to give us everything we needed.


We had to evacuate from where we were working in South Sudan, but God answered our prayers for a place to land and live, and a new group of people to work among!

South East Asia

He answers prayer for us on a daily basis.  I watched a man die in front of me and then come back to life as we cried out (literally) to Jesus to save him from death.  We prayed that our non-existent internet would be restored on my husband’s birthday – and it was!  I prayed that God would make it clear to me if I should continue working at a local hospital, I said at 10am I would leave by 12noon and never go back if it didn’t improve.  Then at 10:20am I got a phone call that changed the course of ministry at the hospital.  VERY CLEAR answer that one was!


In mid-2016 we needed new teachers at the school where we minister, and God provided four new teachers who were already living in our city!! New land and buildings were provided for the school right when we needed it! Our recent Home Assignment was so timely, being able to help with numerous family issues. Our kids, normally shy, are right now at a Pioneers conference interacting with other children so well.

Middle East

I prayed for conviction of sin and a change of heart. Not for me! Household tension had reached a head between my housemates & I felt sick with stress. I asked God to show them both their sin & where things needed to change. Then h/h3e showed me what I was doing, anxiously trying to control things and do a thing only He could do – bring reconciliation. So He convicted me instead. And in his own way, brought a gentle change of hearts & surprising reconciliation between my housemates. He answers prayer in his own wise way.

Middle East

I needed a car, and the money I was asking for came in unbelievably fast (now it seems I need more, but I’m confident that he has that in his hands too). I didn’t know what my role or relationships would look like when I returned to the field from Home Assignment, but I’m watching everything slot into place in his timing.

East Asia

The day after a big Islamic festival we were in a village visiting a family.  There was a man there, very frail with cancer.  We laid hands on him and prayed, as I’m sure other workers had as well.  I was filled with joy and thankfulness to hear from other friends who focus on that particular area that he and his wife trusted Jesus before he died.

East Asia

I was quite nervous when a new government policy meant it would be tougher for foreigners to get work permits. I worried about what would happen. Prayers were lifted up by us and on our behalves and not only was my work permit and our family resident permits renewed, they were renewed for 2 years!! It was a lesson in faith. God is in control and He can do abundantly more than I can ever imagine!

Going to India

We have had so many answers to prayer, particularly through all our preparations to head out. The most significant for us at the moment is that we have reached 100% financial support! I remember when, only 6 months ago, we were at 8% but felt strongly that God would provide in time for us to leave in January. We started praying and had a team to pray for us – and now we are getting ready to go out in 2 weeks! Praise God!

Do you know a missionary?  Why not pray for them right now?  And to regularly pray for them make sure you are receiving their news updates with their prayer points, and their stories of how God is answering.

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