Gospel Messengers

29 Nov 2023

“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news…”

These much-loved words are so often associated with Christian mission, as Jesus’ followers go out into the world to share the gospel. During my first year as a field worker in 2000, the LORD gave me a fresh insight into Isaiah 52:7. I had been working professionally in global broadcasting production for years, and now saw that the digital ‘footprint’ of gospel programming was beautifully crossing boundaries without restrictions; that through Media, the good news of Christ could be presented in otherwise inaccessible places and to unimaginable numbers of people, where gospel messengers might never get a foot on the ground.

Through a two-decade career in mainstream TV and radio production, and then five years overseas as a mission worker, the LORD had been honing my skills and experience towards a new media ministry role with Pioneers. I joined Pioneers in 2009 to serve at the Arab World Media base in France. Four years later, I relocated with others to the UK as production continued there. For the last 14 years I’ve been involved in creating audio-visual content for AWM’s social media outreaches and website ministry, as our team engages online with Arabic-speaking seekers who want to know more about Jesus, the Bible, and the Christian faith. And we see the LORD transforming lives across the Arab World every day!

Being a middle-aged single woman based outside Australia, I’m so grateful to my heavenly Father for the overseas ‘family’, the good friends and Christian fellowship I’ve enjoyed wherever I have been living and serving. Building meaningful personal connections with others, both within and beyond the team, is a major factor in ministry effectiveness and personal wellbeing wherever you are. Strong, healthy relationships, where you can be blessed and also bless others, are just as important to service longevity as any skills or abilities you have to offer.

Kathy Day | A Concluded Pioneers Member

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