God knows…

3 May 2023

Christians often quote Jeremiah 29:11, ‘“For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord’. There is safety and hope and inspiration in that profound truth. God has always known the plans He intends to fulfil. Just as He has always known the needs of every person in every place. And He knows whom He is calling to take the gospel of Jesus to those who have never heard it. We thank God for raising up hundreds of workers these past 25 years to share the gift of eternal life; proclaiming what Jesus accomplished at Calvary as they serve through their skills, vocations, personalities and family dynamics.

God has raised go-ers, senders, givers, prayers, trainers and pastoral carers. He has sent church planting catalysts and shepherds and team leaders and teammates. Evangelists and pastors and helpers. Tradies and professionals, mums and dads, young and old, marrieds and singles. He has supplied transport and money and every other necessary logistic. He has given us volunteer board members who expertly govern the organisation and staff members who go the extra mile, shun the attention and promote others. When we needed someone or something, God had plans for us. When we were low on funds, He supplied. If we were short on ideas, He brought new faces with fresh initiative to the team. When the world’s problems threatened to discourage and overwhelm, He gave us breakthroughs.

God has been more faithful than we can tell. He has always had plans for unreached peoples. And for Pioneers. And for you.

Simon Longden | PoA National Director

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