How did God lead you to go?
We’ve been hearing stories of God working in that part of the world so there was a desire to go see it, learn from it and bring it back home. Also, I wanted to be exposed to something new & different.

What did a typical week in the field look like?
During our training part we met a man who used to be Imam in Islam. He loves Jesus now and is so obedient. His wife and kids left him & and his family is trying to kill him. It’s even not safe for him to stay in one place for long. In the midst of all that, he is still going to different mosques and telling other Muslims about Jesus! I’ve asked him if he is afraid. He just smiled a bit and said: they need to know about Jesus.

Share a story of your experience:
First part of the trip we were visiting different projects (orphanage, mental health centres, schools…) Second part we had a training on DMM. We travelled a lot, we were constantly seeing new and exciting things. Just when we thought we’ve seen it all – you see a goat in a rickshaw!

How has this influenced your understanding of God and mission?
It made me see God differently, I’ve learnt you can’t put Him in a box.  Made me want more of God and what he has for me. Seeing the spiritual darkness and the lost, opened my eyes to the importance of cross cultural mission even more.