How did God lead you to go?
By meeting many East Asian people in our very own Sydney, we saw that God has opened the hearts of people from unreached people groups there. The more we explored opportunities, the more we were instilled with the vision that as East Asia becomes so dominant in world affairs we could be a part of its transformation in Christ.

What did a typical week in the field look like?
At the beginning, language learning is a must. It’s a fun process with a nurturing tutor. Team life including much prayer and also planning and building stronger bonds is also important. From there we go out to share the gospel – with friends, or just randoms or shopkeepers on the street as we buy food at the market etc. Also we train existing believers to do the same. Finally, being in touch with partners back home raises awareness of serving the unreached and lays a foundation for long-term service.

Share a story of your experience:
God guided us to trek to a distant village of an unreached people group, hours from the nearest road. Lost on the way, we sat down and prayed for guidance. Straight away, a young man appeared and took us to the village. Later, he was in hospital near our home. We shared the gospel with him there and he believed. The hospital room became a training centre! He learned to baptise, share the gospel and do Bible studies. Now he is under pressure for his new faith, but still perseveres.

How has this influenced your understanding of God and mission?
I have realised that God is powerfully working in people’s lives – even the so-called most hard to reach ones! Whether in the west or the furthest parts of the world, there are people who are ready to start a relationship with Jesus, it’s just a matter of reaching out and sharing with them. God will not let us down!