How did God lead you to go?
We had an understanding of the place of missions in the church, and had felt that this was something God was calling us to. After hearing about the social injustice that many experienced in this country, and the impact of the gospel, our heart broke for South Asia.

What did a typical week in the field look like?
We spent each morning in devotions with the hospital staff before work began. One of us worked as a physio in the hospital and in the community with children with disabilities. It was heartbreaking to see children and families so excluded from society, but such a privilege to be able to share our hope. The other worked as a teacher in the small hospital school, and enjoyed being able to talk openly with the students about Jesus.

Share a story of your experience:
As a teacher, I was able to supply each of the children in my class with a New Testament bible, and they were able to read through Mark together during English classes. These local children from non-Christian backgrounds showed such excitement to read God’s word and looked forward to this part of the day. They learnt about Jesus and how much He loves them and that He came to earth and died so that they could become friends with God.

How has this influenced your understanding of God and mission?
This experience brought us to our knees before our gracious father, and impressed our inability and God’s power – and the great need for us to pray. We were humbled by the many national workers giving up what little they had to serve Jesus, and we have come away with a thirst to know the culture and language of the people more intimately so that we may serve more effectively.