How did God lead you to go?
I always loved the idea of using my skill set to serve people who are disadvantaged, and be able to pass on my skills to create sustainability. God challenged me in my comfort, he challenged me in my desire to serve and in my trust of him, actually surrendering it all to Him.

What did a typical week in the field look like?
Devotionals each morning with the whole hospital staff and patients, team meals and debrief, teaching, training and praying with staff and patients all while working full time as a nurse/midwife in the hospital.

Share a story of your experience:
I had just started night shift and a woman walked in stating she was carrying twins and looked in quite established labour. This was very new to me and I instantly freaked out. I calmed and realised that together, we could do this, and together we welcomed two new beautiful and healthy babies into the world! God’s ability to be present and completely reassuring never ceases to encourage and amaze me.

How has this influenced your understanding of God and mission?
I have never felt so close to God and the place he has for me here on earth. I felt like the best version of myself I could be. There are so many times when I don’t understand or I feel lost but my trust in him has never been more strong and sure.