From Paddy Field to Prison

4 Jul 2016

One of the great highlights for us these past few months was getting to know Colleen, an 82 year old spiritual sister from the USA. She came to South East Asia for a holiday, staying close to where we live. We may have only just began to get to know her but already our love and admiration for her is exceptionally high!

A number of years ago while working as a social worker within a prison she became interested in the peace and tranquility she saw at work within one of the inmates. Not being a believer at the time, she couldn’t understand how someone could be so genuinely at peace whilst being incarcerated in such a place and so began to query him about it. His answer was simple; “Jesus.” Though she was there to help the inmates, in God’s beautifully upside down plans, it turned out that she came to know and love Jesus through the work and witness of the prisoner!

While here she was so moved and encouraged by our bible meditations that she asked if we would be able to train and equip her in order that she could take and use the practice in the maximum security prison where she is currently working as a prison chaplain. I love God’s sense of humour! That we could train up an 82 year old, in a bible meditation practice we use in our ministry in Asia, to impact the hearts of prisoners in the United States.

Oh God bless them with the true peace that transcends all understanding! Colleen is a true hero of the faith and the perfect example of a life lived to the glory of God. She blessed us, much more than she knows, and I pray that when I grow up I’ll be just like her!


There are so many more stories that God wants to write through your life. Keep following his lead, and your life will continue to bless others in ways that will probably surprise you.

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