Trainer of Trainers 1 – Community Health Evangelism

A five day course in December 2018

Monday 10th December – Friday 14th December 2018

Abbotsford Presbyterian Church, 443 Great North Road, Abbotsford, NSW 2046

$220 (non-refundable) – includes costs for all training and associated materials, lunch and morning & afternoon tea.

For more information, including how to register, see the flyer here.

CHE is bringing transformation to individuals and to communities in the developing world by seamlessly combining disease prevention, evangelism and community development. Visit the CHE website for more information.

Training of Trainers 1 (TOT1) is a 5-day full-time course designed to equip you in implementing CHE, an integrated ministry of community health and evangelism. You will be equipped with foundational Biblical principles and principles of development, that will allow you to know how to set up and run a CHE programme, in its many and varied models.

• Dr Judy Fitzmaurice served with Pioneers at Rumginae Hospital in PNG for 12 years. Judy is the Chair of the Pioneers Australia Board. Has been training in CHE for 10 years.
• Josh Bowen, serving with SIM Australia, lives and works in West Timor with a community development/CHE focus.
• Dr Nadia Low is a GP, serves with Pioneers Australia, living and working with her husband and kids in South Sudan, practicing CHE amongst refugees.

For more information, including how to register, see the flyer here.