Community Connections in Peru

16 Apr 2017

In the South American nation of Peru, you will find the Amazon River, the Andes mountains and the famous ruins of Machu Picchu.  But with over 80% of the people identifying as Roman Catholic, you will also find a hunger for genuine faith, a thirst for the word of God, and a desire for deeper fellowship. Hear from one of our Pioneers families, how a new church has formed from small beginnings …

The Start

The connection with our target community (a middle/ upper class suburb in Peru) started in 2009 when we sent our kids to the same school as most other parents from this area. We also focused on building community by doing hospitality, teaching English, running book clubs and practicing sport. Our first small group began with mums from school who we invited to come together and pray for a sick friend.

The Gathering

We discovered there was a thirst to study to the bible amongst our Catholic friends, something that does not happen much in the Catholic Church. More small groups were birthed – for men, couples and then a youth group. Last year we started a Sunday combined gathering, after almost a year of prayer and leadership training. We are trying to create a warm, welcoming, relaxed and friendly environment, not what everyone expects of church.

The Joys

It’s wonderful! Everyone who is coming is excited to be a part of something fresh and new in our suburb. God is at work and we feel a growing sense of community and fun. Coffee after the service is an absolute highlight, lots of mingling, all ages are represented, grandparents, families, singles, young people and children. A great foundation has been laid and people are looking forward to seeing growth and depth of faith in our community!

The Obstacles

Because our people group are largely unreached, an existing mature Christian leadership is lacking and the strong class structure makes this even harder. Our leadership team mainly consists of those from the lower/middle class who still struggle with being prejudiced against the rich. The rich, on the other hand, are used to being served and often struggle to help with more menial tasks.

The Future

We are training leaders so we can do ourselves out of a job! Our hearts desire is to see a sustainable work with leaders from the middle/upper class, raised up to carry on the work among the unreached secular class in this city. A vibrantly transformed, loving, actively caring, truly adoring, reproducing community that will be a strong presence from now into the future.


Would you take a few minutes right now to pray for this new fellowship, that they would be founded on the word of God, and led by the Spirit of God to be true followers of Jesus. Pray for God to raise up local leaders with servant hearts, and the humility to see beyond the class lines.

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