Christmas to Go

23 Oct 2017

Missionaries serving overseas can feel especially lonely and homesick at Christmas time. Even though it can be fun and exotic to experience Christmas in another culture, it is difficult to be far away from family and much-loved traditions. Why not send a missionary you know a Christmas package to help make their Christmas special, and more importantly, to remind them that you are thinking of them?

We asked a bunch of our overseas missionaries what they would love to receive in a Christmas parcel. So, here’s some great ideas on what to include, as well as tips on how to package and post it. This would make a great family or small group project. But don’t take too long thinking about it, you should be aiming to get your parcel to the post office soon.

Here’s a couple of things to remember before you let your imagination run wild:

  • Think Light! Consider the weight of things you buy, as the heavier your parcel, the more it will cost to post.
  • Think Tough! Choose gifts that will survive their journey around the globe.
  • Think Sensitive! Be aware of any security issues, especially if the missionary lives in a country where you need to be careful about Christian content. If you are not sure, call our office and ask us.


What would a missionary love to find in their parcel? Here’s what they said:

  • Tastes of Home:Vegemite, cereals, Milo, special teas, chai latte sachets, canned beetroot, Vittoria ground coffee
  • Australian Products: Australiana calendars, Aussie DVDs, magazines, deodorant, toothbrushes, sunscreen
  • Christmas Goodies: mini puddings, candy canes, Christmas crackers, decorations, fun
    Christmas books for families, Christmas CDs
  • Kid Friendly: jigsaw puzzles, crafts, lollies, books, music CDs, toys
  • Soul Food: devotionals, diaries, beautiful journals, inspiring books, essential oils
  • Something Sweet:  Aussie chocolate, Darryl Lea licorice, shortbread, Minties, Red skins, Snakes, marshmallows, chocolate almonds, and the most highly desired item of all: Tim Tams
  • Personalise It: write somthing personal in a Christmas card.  Consider writing individual cards for the kids, they will love it.
  • Custom Made: It varies from country to country what you can get locally, so why not ask your missionary what they would like?


  • How much do you want to spend?  Set a budget and remember it will need to include the package and the postage.  Check out Australia Posts cost calculator for International parcels
  • You can lighten your parcel by removing the store packaging, and using light weight fillers or bubble wrap to protect the goods.
  • Check with the missionary for the postal address details and any specific country advice, or call our office and we can ask them for you.
  • Send the parcel as early as you can. It won’t hurt to get there early, and you can write on the top “PUT THIS UNDER THE TREE UNTIL CHRISTMAS”!

So gather your friends or family, pull on your curly pointed slippers and get started!

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