Christmas Joy

8 Dec 2021

Covid 19 has thrown us many curve balls since March 2020. We were in the country Georgia, and we realised we needed to get to Australia in a hurry or we would get stuck there. We were only there for three conferences. We made it home, one day before the hotel quarantine was made compulsory.

At home in Melbourne, it did not take long for us to start to receive requests for help from many different countries, because of the devastation Covid was causing. We have worked in many of the former Soviet Republics for more than 20 years. Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Ukraine were some of the nations in most need. Food parcels and medical supplies were products most asked for. We were able to raise funds and supply the things that were needed from afar.

A few months ago, we were made aware of the need for firewood in the warzone in Eastern Ukraine. Gas prices have skyrocketed, and many villages have been disconnected from all services altogether. Two friends, past students and now pastors, have started outreach missions in the warzone. They preach the gospel in word and in deed. In one home the windows literally were falling out of the wall. The people would have frozen to death by Christmas. We are so grateful we were able to help bring the joy of the Gospel in practical ways.

But even with windows in the house, if the heating does not work it gets cold very quickly in the homes. We have stark memories of this when we lived there in the 1990’s and nothing seemed to work. On days of minus 20 degrees, we had to sleep in our winter coats with many layers of blankets on top! Or on a day like that, try to do a seminar with hats on, three layers of jumpers and a coat. And thick gloves. Try to take notes on your little bit of paper……?! So how would you do a whole day in your house just living with that amount clothing on. The need for firewood became real! We were able to raise money for many truckloads of firewood. Our friends distributed amongst poor families, widows, and orphans.

This was brought with a clear message that God loves them. So does his Son! That truth has now been accepted by many in these villages. Bibles have been given with the humanitarian aid. So, many people can be warm when they celebrate Christmas this year.

Even though in many parts of the world people have been in lockdown, God and the Gospel can still operate freely.

He Lives,

  • Roedie & Jeannette, pioneers workers serving in Mid Asia

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