Buddha, the Burqa and Christian kids!

19 Nov 2018

Our cities are multicultural – an amazing mix of people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. This often means there is the visible presence of many religions in our neighbourhoods, our shopping centres and in our schools.   How do we teach our children about the religions around us, which may even be those of their friends?

Pioneers and Sonlight have united under the name “Worldviews” to develop a way to help Christian parents and home schoolers with this challenge. These tools explain other religions in a respectful way that children can understand.  There are resources to facilitate discussion from a Christian worldview and ideas on how to pray. Worldviews’ vision is not only to teach kids about people from all around the world, but also ignite a passion for sharing the gospel with them.  You can check them out here.

(Note: interested Aussies will need to buy the books through Amazon or a similar store)

To whet your appetite, here’s the video Worldviews has produced about Buddhism.  Note that this is designed to be part of their fuller teaching package.  It explains Buddhism without making any judgements. If you are viewing the videos with your kids but are not using the guided discussion in the book, you may want to talk with your kids about the video from your own worldview.

Over the next few weeks look out for new articles from people serving in the Buddhist world, about their experiences of sharing faith.


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