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27 Apr 2022

Galena and her daughters (Natasha – 12 & Sabrina 17) were driving from Ukraine to Italy where her husband and mother-in-law are living and working. She rented a car and along the way, but the car ran out of water and since she didn’t know this car well, unfortunately she drove until it really burned up the motor. At about 4am, she called the emergency number in Hungary and asked for help. We are all so thankful for the translation apps that we have on our phones which help us to communicate without knowing each other’s language. Since she’s a refugee that doesn’t speak Hungarian or English, she was put in touch with the local humanitarian aid group with which we are partnering. Her car had broken down just 15 minutes from our church, so pastor Zsolt was called, and he went to pick up the family. They spent the night in the room (pictured below) and then the day with us while they waited for a bus to take them to Italy. During the day we talked a lot and Natasha asked me why we had a swimming pool in our church. I told her we are Baptist and that when we Baptist new believers we immerse them, so the water must be deep.

When I said we were Baptist, Galena showed much excitement and proceeded to tell me that their elderly neighbour is a Baptist and they know that “when she prays, she really talks to God, because she knows God, like a friend”. The neighbour told them before they left that she was praying for good people to care for them on the way and for God to protect them. So, they were thrilled to hear were Baptist and, in that way, we were connected to the prayers of the elderly neighbour. We could have been from another denomination and helped them, but I believe the Lord wanted them to see the connection and the answer to their neighbour’s prayers. That led to being able to share the Truth of Christ’s salvation with her, Galena & Sabrina.

(L to R) Galena, Natasha, Sabrina, me, & Erika

Sabrina accidentally left her purse with us, and we’ve been in contact since via Facebook and we’ll get it to her. We’re planning to send a Bible and some good reading for her and the family. Please pray for this dear family that they would find more true believers in Italy and that they would come to know Christ as Saviour!

Cathy, a pioneers worker serving in Europe

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