Bearing Fruit

30 Jun 2021

Like many other churches around the world, the pandemic meant we could not meet physically as a church for several months.  However, one Sunday, we were able to meet in the open and have a small service followed by a BBQ at a beautiful location near the border of two countries. We were surrounded by beautiful landscapes; thick forests and crystal-clear streams of water running through.

As we were having the barbecue after the service, I spotted a young darker skinned man sitting amongst the group and God led me to start a conversation with him. He had been fasting and was therefore unable to join us for the barbecue.  Knowing he would be breaking his fast later that evening, I went to the table where the food was being served and served a plate of cakes for him and told him that even though his mother was not there to make wonderful treats for him at the end of his fast, he could take the plate of cakes and keep it for when he broke his fast as was customary. With this gesture, it was as though his walls came down and it opened the door for many more fruitful conversations that we were able to continue long after our initial meet at the church barbecue.

He would tell me stories about his work as a chef and his aspirations to move to the EU and of the kindness and hospitality of the church community he’d found during his year in this country. With every conversation we had, more seeds were sown into him and my encouragement to you is to keep sowing seeds. Keep sowing into the lives of various people you encounter along your journey and do so with humility, love, respect and honesty; for you never know which may bear fruit.

– A Pioneers worker serving in the Middle East

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